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Strengthen ties with multinationals to become their preferred partner in facilitating and securing their transactions and operations, using more integrated global solutions


International trade is based in particular on the existence of third parties who certify that the goods traded are in conformity in terms of quality and quantity with the contract between the parties. Bureau Veritas is involved in transactional processes to test materials, verify the conformity of goods with contractual specifications and validate quantities. Raw Material exchanges are based, for example, on certificates issued by companies such as Bureau Veritas.


Bureau Veritas serves a wide range of industrial players throughout the value chain: asset owners and managers, engineering companies (EPC contractors), construction sites, equipment manufacturers. The Group acts as an independent third party, second party inspector, technical consultant or external resource in the management of QHSE and code compliance aspects of a project. Bureau Veritas' clients include multinational companies operating worldwide, regional leaders from various sectors and a very large number of small local structures within each country. The Group meets the needs of each of its customers through an adapted and targeted marketing strategy, with the Group's global network ensuring the quality and consistency of service for each of them. To fulfill its mission, Bureau Veritas has access to state-of-the-art IT systems and tools as well as solid internal quality and risk management systems.